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Applied Experience

I have been working as an instructor of record continuously since 2019, and have experience teaching three different courses. Please find their descriptions below, along with a link to each of their syllabi: 

In the future, I would love to teach courses in intermediate and advanced statistical methods, psychology of adolescence and emerging adults, as well as on the spectrum of bullying, belonging, and wellbeing.

additional information about my applied experiences

2023 - Present Graduate Teaching Assistant - Research Methodology

University of Nebraska-Lincoln   |   Lincoln, Nebraska

Serves as instructor of record for an introductory course on research methodology in the social and behavioral sciences. Special emphasis placed on real-world application and introduction to research methods including survey and critique of research, methods, and design within special education and communications disorders. Semesters taught: F23

2021 - 2023 Graduate Teaching Assistant - Statistical Methods

University of Nebraska-Lincoln   |   Lincoln, Nebraska

Served as instructor of record for an introductory course on statistical methods including both hand-calculations and SPSS for the following topics: descriptive statistics, z-scores, single-sample t-tests, independent/dependent t-tests, ANOVA, correlation, regression, and chi-square. This course was adapted to a flipped-classroom format for the first time in Fall 2021. Special emphasis placed on real-world application and interpretation of findings, focusing on depth of understanding for the statistical process. Semesters taught: F21, Sp22, Su22, F22, Sp23, Su23

2019 - 2021 Graduate Teaching Assistant - Strategies for Academic Success

University of Nebraska-Lincoln   |   Lincoln, Nebraska

Served as instructor of record for an introductory course on researched-based study strategies as well as application of them inside and outside of class through a mixture of discussion, practice activities, and lecture. Topics include information processing theory, time management, strategies for studying, goal setting, test-taking, and improving memory. Adapted to online/virtual format for first time for Spring 2020, prior to onset of the pandemic. 

Semesters taught: F19, Sp20, Su20, F20, Sp21, Su21

2019 - 2019 Instructional Student Assistant - Introductory Statistics for Psychology

Dr. Melissa McTernan   |   California State University, Sacramento

Relevant Coursework

Spring 2023 College Students in America (Dr. Jillian Reading)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Spring 2023 College Student Development (Dr. Stephanie Bondi)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Spring 2023 Instructional Design (Dr. Tareq Daher)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Spring 2023 Teaching Learners to Learn (Dr. Mary Zeleny)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Spring 2023 Teaching for Psychology (Dr. Emily Wicklegren) 

[Observed: Biological Psychology/Dr. Sharon Furtak]

California State University, Sacramento

Course Evaluations

I take my course evaluations seriously, and utilize the information I get from my students to continuously improve my courses each semester. I also feel that transparency is crucial, so all of my semester course evaluations are available upon request

96.05% of my students agree or strongly agree 

that they feel welcomed and respected in my classroom*

*N = 227

When asked about what teaching elements are most beneficial to their learning, my students endorsed the following as the top five attributes for me, my classroom, and my teaching methods (N = 227):

Direct Feedback from my Students

"Kelley does an excellent job at engaging with her students in a natural, relatable, and understanding way. This ensures that all students feel welcome in the class, and that helps my learning because I feel comfortable in the class! I don't love math, and I often find the subject boring, but Kelley finds a way to make the dry content engaging and fun."

"Kelley is such an amazing instructor. Coming into this class I was scared because math is not my strength. She helped me learn how statistics isn’t scary and how it connects to psychology and the real world. Her lectures are amazing and she provides thorough instructions and examples to help me succeed for assignments and quizzes. She also showed us a PowerPoint on mental health resources on campus which isn’t discussed enough among college students, I really loved that."

"Professor Kelley Wick is one of the best professors I have had. She is not only a great teacher, but she is also very supportive and understanding. She teaches in a way that 'clicks' with students, but she's also willing to explain things again and again, in new ways, so that the student actually understands what they have learned when they walk out. She offers so many resources, and I am extremely grateful to have had her as a professor."

"Kelley has and continues to be a huge support for her students. She is always willing to help them learn and gain an understanding with the material. I have never once felt intimidated to ask her questions or answer questions in class. She is an amazing professor and will continue to be one after she leaves UNL."

more student feedback

"Kelley, I think that because of the way you teach math in an inclusive way is truly the most beneficial way to learn"

"She makes it very clear that she is only here to help. She supports us inside and outside of the classroom in every way. I really appreciate all she did for me this semester."

"Kelley has been my favorite college teacher I have had in my past three years. She was so extremely supportive, always checked in on our mental health, and made sure to find time so we can learn things to the absolute fullest. She understands that math is hard, and helps us out with it."

"It was nice to feel cared about as a student. It makes it easier to learn"

"Kelley GENUINELY cares about her students and their well-being. She invites everyone to speak their minds and talk to her if they need help with the course or their personal life. She understands that everyone is different when it comes to participating in class (introvert/extrovert) and encourages students to break out of their shell."

"Kelley was wonderful, she was responsive, kind, understanding, and welcoming.She was an overall wonderful Professor, and she made sure to be very available to students to ensure everyone could be successful in her class with the right motivation. This was my favorite class of the semester, and I would take another class with her without question."

"Kelley did a superb job of making sure that every student understood the parameters of assignments and exams. I personally felt empowered to succeed in this course."

"[Kelley] is really good at providing a safe and respectful learning environment. She tries her best to include a bunch of ways to remember the material and is always kind and willing to offer extra help."

"Kelley is one of the most positive teachers I have had. She wanted us to learn the material and took time to word things different as well as showed us exactly what she wanted. She never contradicted herself, and was honest about her word. She explained stats in a different way than most teachers teach, that helped more ways of teaching. She gave homework that helped us for the exam and had study sessions that were so beneficial. I understand the material and loved this class."

"The powerpoints and homeworks give a clear idea of what is going to be on the exams. I really liked that she was honest with the material that was going to be on the exams which made me feel confident when taking the exam."

"She treats everyone equally, no bias and offers help to anyone that needs her."

"[She] did an amazing job at creating an open and welcoming space. I personally never felt like there was any disrespect, more so she did an amazing job at being inclusive and welcoming."

"I appreciated so much how inclusive and educated she was on issues and mental health awareness and provided resources for mental health as well in several of the class periods."

"The classroom was very welcoming and open to any individuals."

"You have been the best professor I’ve ever had. Thank you. I have felt valued everyday. Thank you for taking the time to make sure that we know the material rather than just trying to get through it. I wish more professors were like you. I would actually enjoy my studies."

"I had a lot of support from the teacher in this class. She reassured me that I would do great on the tests and was very patient with the assignments. I actually enjoyed the material and looked forward to coming to her class. I had never liked a math class before but I loved this class due to her support."

"Kelley is very kind, generous, and understanding. I felt that she was gracious in times when the semester got whacky by extending deadlines and providing communication. Kelley obviously cares about her students and wants us to do well. She provides the structure of what will be on the exams, she is very clear in what she expects, and allows for study notes on the exams. There are no surprises or tricks. What you learn is what is on the exam. I appreciated how clear her communication was because it reduced my stress for this class greatly. I usually hate math and struggle with it, but I have done extremely well in this course and I feel like I actually understand the material. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Kelley for that."

"In class teaching is absolutely amazing- one of the best professors I've ever had hands down. I was honestly really scared to take a math class again and she made everything nearly stress free for us."

"Professor Wick was very understanding about challenging topics learned in class. She was also very supportive of stressful times in the year and listening to what the class needs to prepare for exams."

"This instructor is amazing. She has been one of my favorite professors that I have had throughout my time here at UNL and she is very good. She understands the importance of mental health in college students and how hard school can be sometimes. She is very open with her students and promotes a healthy learning environment and is very open to helping everyone."

"Many of the learning techniques and course material have been extremely beneficial to my learning. Kelley is an extremely good teacher who cares for her students and truly has their success in mind. She has helped me to truly understand the material and how it is used in real-life situations."

"You could tell she really wanted us to succeed."

Student Letters